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An introduction to the thrills of rallying

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20 laps Special Rally Experience
Price: £270
When:  Saturdays/ tuesday

Enjoy a 20 lap at our venue and experience an introduction to the thrills of rallying where you will drive at high speed on a loose surface in two of our fully prepared rally cars; one front wheel drive and one rear wheel drive or four wheel drive. You will share your rally experience with other drivers on the day.

Your arrival at the rally school

On arrival, you will meet the staff and instructors. You and your spectators will be asked to sign on. You will then attend a short welcome talk from the instructors who will give you a short safety briefing.

Your Rally Experience

You'll be provided with a helmet and will then get in to the driving seat of the first of the two cars. You will be strapped in to the seat of the rally car via a full safety harness with the help of a member of staff.

The instructor will introduce you to the main features and controls of the car and will talk you through what skills you will be taught whilst driving on the track. The main part of the tuition is carried out in the car so you can get the most possible time behind the wheel. An intercom system is built in to the rally car to enable you to talk to the instructor as you drive, as a co-driver would on a real rally stage.

Then, the moment you've been waiting for, driving the car on the track. The first lap will be used for you to familiarise yourself with the track. You will then have another 4 laps in this car of the 1 1/2 mile long stage; manoeuvring your way through cones and tyres at high speed. You will get to experience power slides and handbrake turns. After you have finished, the instructor will fill out a score sheet, rating your performance in the rally car. Once you have completed your first session the the car you will then have another session of 5 laps after


Demonstration Laps

 The drivers hot lap £35 each 

If time permits, your spectators will be able to experience a high speed demonstration lap for £35.

Also, if time allows, the rally school has a group A rally car, a PRODRIVE Subaru Impreza, which is also available for a white knuckle ride. For £45, both drivers and spectators can have this experience.


When is this course available?

The 20 lap rally experience runs on Saturday's,/tuesdays . We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the start of your course and to phone the day before to confirm.

Adverse weather conditions

This activity is dependent upon appropriate weather conditions. If we do have to cancel your session, (possibly at short notice), we will re-book you in for another convenient time & extend your voucher for as long as we deem appropriate.

Driver's restrictions

Drivers must hold a full driving licence. Rally driving is, unfortunately, not suitable for people who have heart problems. There is a maximum weight limit of  (18st). Also, a maximum height of 1.93m (6ft4") and a minimum of 1.52m (5ft).


You are very welcome to bring spectators with you, including children who must be kept under strict supervision at all times for safety reasons. Please advise us if you plan to plan to bring more than three spectators. Sorry, but no dogs are allowed on site.


Drivers and their spectators can make use of our facilities which include an ample parking area and male and female toilets. There are also areas for spectators to view the entire track and a cafe selling  cold food and drinks.